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david villarreal

Hello there!!! I am so glad you decided to come and visit my web page. As you know, this is the challenge I am about to take on. It is really a 250 mile ride from Mc Allen, TX to San Antonio, TX. You know how I like a good challenge and usually I can be found doing the Salt Lake City 140 mile, or the 40 mile Four Summit ride in Cascade, Boise. But this year, I had to make the commitment to do this ride. I have known about it for a while and have decided to step up to the place and do it.

Now, I know you might be on the fence with how much to donate. Otherwise you wouldn't be here. I get that. I would be too but this organization, Spina Bifida of Texas, is trying to do some good work for good people, and I think they deserve both of our attention. Putting on this event is a huge undertaking and all for the right reasons, so I encourage you to dig deep when you give.

One more thing. Please know that while you are sitting in your comfortable, air conditioned, living room watching a good move, or a sporting event, I will be making my way up the center of Texas, in the middle of summer, with nothing more than a 2 liter water bladder on my back and a handful of gummy bears in my back pack, moving toward the finish line. It will be hot and it will be painful but I am doing the ride because I believe in the cause and I want the to accomplish the challenge. Now, my company has sponsored me for this ride, so that none of your money will go toward that. Every dollar you give will go to the charity. I am already committed. Now I am reaching out to you to ask for your support. I would love to know that when June 23, 2017 arrives you and I will be in this together. me in body and you in spirit. So dig deep. Show me you love me. Throw a few logs onto the donation fire that will burn like nobodies business and can be seen for miles. Support  me like you know you should.

Thank you and blessings to you and yours.

David C. Villarreal

Barry Tavlin 20.00
David Newhouse 25.00

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