My name is David Hernandez

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"My daughter, Sophia, was born with Spina Bifida in October 2013.  It was a shock to both me and my wife as it was undiagnosed in all her prenatal exams.  We were not aware of what exactly Spina Bifida was, but had heard of it through readings and stories of families who had children born with this condition.  Sophia was born with Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele,  considered one of the severest forms to the condition and was immediately flown by helicopter within an hour of her birth to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX to close the spinal sac on her lower back.  We drove up the next morning to spend two weeks at Driscoll as round the clock doctors and nurses monitored her progress.  Sophia was provided a cerebral shunt as recommended by her neurosurgeon to alleviate brain fluid pressure that could accumulate over time and was done as a preventative measure.

Sophia continues to thrive through weekly physical and occupation therapy provided by Easter Seals locally.  She currently is wearing orthopedic AFOs to help her stand and take limited steps.  We plan to admit her to the Crit USA clinic in San Antonio, TX this fall to increase her physical therapy regimen through this world-renowned, private rehabilitation pediatric clinic.  The hopes are that Sophia will be able to walk with assistance one day.

I will be riding the SB250 for my daughter and for children like her.  If I complete the journey, this will be my furthest distance to ride my bike on any event, tour or ride.  Please help me create awareness about Spina Bifida and help children like my Sophia on their journey.”
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Tina Atkins 100.00
Rolando and Virginia Rodriguez 50.00
Joe Aguilar 50.00
Gloria Tamez 20.00
Jennifer Spille 50.00
Linda Pena 100.00
Eugenio Tovar jr 25.00

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