My name is Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith HoTtt

Hello to all that are visiting this page and thank you in advance for your support.

A little about me- I have been riding bikes the majority of my life.  I raced BMX as a kid, then mountain bikes in college, and then put them away for 15 years to start a family and a career.  In late 2014, my buddy Tom and I got this wild idea to do the MS150. I was extremely out of shape, heavier than I should have been and Kara (my wife) had been telling me for years that I needed to eat better and exercise if I wanted to live long enough to see 2025.  Well it was time and the rest you can say is history.....18 months later, I am riding multiple times a week, 50+ lbs lighter, and back racing.

Now the important part.  Why do I do this ride? The ride hits close to home for me!  My oldest daughter, Ashtyn, had a very rare genetic disorder called Aicardi Syndrome. She was beautiful and amazing and taught myself and the world many life lessons.  She was medically fragile and required a lot from a lot of people. We would say that it took an army to raise Ashtyn and that is true- family, friends, doctors, nurses, case workers, etc.   It is crazy how many people supported my family through Ashtyn's life in various ways and I will be forever thankful.  One of those army members was Stacey Lindahl.  Stacey has three beautiful daughters and now a couple beautiful grandbabies. Aubrie, grandbaby #1, has Spina Bifida.  She is absolutely adorable and growing up so quickly.  She faces challenges every day but does it with such a beautiful smile.  She is in inspiration, just as Ashtyn was and continues to be for all that knew her, to be a better human being and to challenge yourself to see the world for all its beauty.  

So I ride in support and in honor of Aubrie, in the memory of Ashtyn, and for my crazy self that loves to disappear into miles and miles of pedaling.  

Thanks again for taking time to read through this page and please consider making a donation to support Spina Bifida Texas. Any amount is welcome and will be used by SB Texas to raise awareness and to be of support of the SB community.  OR, IF YOU ARE A SPECIAL KIND OF CRAZY.....COME RIDE WITH ME!
The Joneses 100.00
Marsha Coco 50.00
Jimmy Benson 100.00
Osbon Family 100.00
Brinda 50.00
The Willies 50.00
Ino Sofjan 101.01
Amado Vega 100.00
CVS RX 6834 100.00
Jeanette Tyler 25.00
Mike myers 50.00
Charlie Keller 25.00
Cheryl Diefenthaler 100.00
Eric Gentile 50.00
Cassandra Tennon 100.00
David De La Fuentes 50.00
Arun Luke 100.00
Rick wothers 50.00
Dennis Lege 25.00
Tony Crabtree 250.00
Robert Jacobs 50.00
Belinda johnson 25.00
Casey Swanson 50.00
Linda Unger 50.00
Adam Nave 50.00
Stacey Lindahl 200.00
Nancy Kotinek 25.00
Dawnyce Schutz 50.00
The Nealy Family 100.00
Laine Odle 25.00
Suzy Freeman 100.00
Michael Diehl 100.00

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